Mid-days with Mike Lindsley

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"I love talking baseball with Mike." "He opens up the conversation and digs deep for the real issues. People know him as a Yanks guy, but he knows the Mets too."

-Adam Rubin, ESPNNewYork.com Mets beat reporter
"Being on Michael's show is like having a cup of coffee with the locals and hashing out the big news of the day." "Smooth and relaxing. The way it should be."

-Nick Cafardo, Boston Globe
"I've had the pleasure of being interviewed by Mike on numerous occasions and they've always been enjoyable experiences because he does his homework and asks thought-provoking questions that make for entertaining and informative radio." "Mike knows his stuff and knows what listeners want to hear."

Scott Pitoniak, award-winning columnist & best-selling author of 18 books
"Having appeared on Mike Lindsley's radio program on several occasions, I can attest that he has excellent skills as an interviewer and is always well-prepared to discuss topics with his guests." "He also does an excellent job of moving conversations forward."

Bob Ehalt, ESPN.com/America's Best Racing horse racing writer
"Mike Lindsley is one of the more passionate, knowledgeable sports fans who shows just that on the air. "He brings you into the conversation with good insight and interaction with his guests. Whether it's the Syracuse Orange, NFL or the New York Yankees, he's in tune with teams through all seasons. Although serious about his sports, it is always fun to be on the air with him."

Vinnie Iyer, Sporting News NFL insider
"It seems I've been on nearly every sports-talk radio show in the country over the past two decades, and I've certainly been on in every major market." "So I speak from experience when I say Mike's interviews are always compelling and worthwhile. He is well-versed in the subject, in my case college basketball, and asks excellent, insightful questions. Mike does a terrific job."

Mike DeCourcy, Sporting News college basketball columnist
"I can't wait to work with Mike again." "Mike has always been a consummate professional. Now that I am back in baseball, Mike is one of the first people I hope interviews me!"

-Jason Smorol, Syracuse Chiefs general manager
"I've always looked forward to being on the air with Mike Lindsley." "He doesn't conduct an interview as much as he holds a thoughtful conversation, drawing out all the important information as we go. I do dozens of radio shows every month, but none are more enjoyable than when I'm on with Mike."

-Tim Graham, Buffalo News Buffalo Bills reporter
“Mike finds a great balance between offering information and standing out of the way of the guest. He leads the conversation without dominating it. He's informed without being self-inflating. It's clear that his goal is to serve the listener, which is refreshing in an age of media "branding."

-Eric Adelson, Yahoo! Sports’ “The Post-Game”
“Mike hosts some of the most enjoyable conversations in sports talk radio. I really appreciate his foresight, scheduling our interviews with as much advanced notice and time-slot flexibility as possible while still maintaining timeliness and relevance. Mike's preparation is instantly recognizable in the questions he poses. In addition to covering key topics, he also keeps an outside-the-box, thought-provoking curve ball in his pocket, which I always get a huge kick out of. And finally, Mike personally follows up with a thank-you after every guest appearance on his show, something that sets him apart in our industry.”

-J.B. Long, Pac-12 Network
"I always enjoy coming on Mike's show, whether it's talking Bills or about the rest of the NFL. He's knowledgeable and passionate about all things sports."

-Vinnie Iyer, Sporting News
“Mike is a knowledgeable interviewer, combining great people skills and communication skills. He's a joy to work with and listen to.”

-Richard Justice, MLB.com
"Mike Lindsley knows his baseball, and knows how to create an interesting website. He's got the Yankee knowledge and technical savvy to have created one of the best Yankee fan sites in cyberspace. I check back often to see what's new, and enjoy his interviews with fascinating guests. You have to bookmark this site if you love the Yanks."

-Marty Appel, former New York Yankees Public Relations Director (1974-1977)
"What's not to like about MikeLSports.com? Controversial topics, great interviews and cool information."

Matt Michael, Syracuse New Times
On PinstripePassion.com: "I have never seen a better website for Yankee fans. If your passion is pinstripes, this is the place for you."

-Jeff Pearlman, former Newsday and Sports Illustrated reporter; author of Bad Guys Won and Love Me, Hate Me: Barry Bonds and the Making of an Antihero.
"If Yankee Stadium is your place of worship, and the likes of Jeter, Rivera and Jackson, Mantle, DiMaggio and Ruth are your heroes, then you'll love the website pinstripepassion.com."

-Buster Olney, ESPN The Magazine senior baseball writer and author of The Last Night of the Yankee Dynasty.
"When you're being interviewed, the best thing that can happen to you is to encounter an interviewer who is prepared. Mike Lindsley is always prepared."

-John Feinstein, bestselling author (A Good Walk Spoiled, A Season on the Brink, Caddy for Life, Open, A Civil War, The Last Amateurs, Let Me Tell You a Story, Last Shot and many more).
"Mike is passionate about sports and it’s easy to see why when you talk with him." "He is someone who I've respected since we met a few years ago. He's interesting in not just the latest news, but really creating a discussion into finding the why and how sports news affects people and fans."

-Nate Taylor, New York Times NY Knicks beat reporter.

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